Therapies Available                                                           

Holistic therapies are a very subjective thing. Some you love, some you hate. With all the nuances inbetween. So there a few alternatives on offer.

Indian Head Massage

A relaxing, soothing massage covering Head, Neck, Shoulders and face. You may choose between a full head massage with essential oils, or a quicker, fully-clothed version with a dry head massage which will not spoil your hairstyle if you have to rush back to the office!

Back and Neck Massage

This can be either invigorating or soothing, depending on your needs. You control the pressure.  You control the pace. Here again you may choose between a full essential oil massage and an invigorating fully clothed version.

Face Massage

This is a slow, and soothing massage using light oils and a light touch. Helps with invigorating your skin and eliminating problems such as dry or blemished skin.

Full Body Massage

A full, essential oil massage combining various techniques to remove blockages and help the body prepare to repair itself. This massage is also extremely effective for helping to resolve psychological problems.

All Massage techinques are combined with Bio Magnetism, as described below.

Bio Magnetism

This therapy comes from the Paris Institute of Bio Magnetism and works through the body's own magnetic field. By removing energy blockages and smoothing the magnetic flow, the body is then prepared to start its own healing process.

As for the previous therapies, Bio Magnetism is adapted to the needs of each individual. The core of the therapy concentrates on the back, neck and base of the skull. After this basic cleansing and re-energizing, specific problems can be approached with various appropriate procedures.